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Sarani & Valerie wearing the Be Your Own Hero T-shirt in Yoga class
Paige wearing the ITs Ok vibe!
Jeff Hall wearing the Be Your Own Hero T-shirt

I love street art as a tool to spread positive messages. It’s a great way to reach out to people in their daily lives & it’s accessible to whom ever might need an ITs Ok reminder. I believe in miracle moments and in the power of synchronicity. I like to think that Life will make sure people see an ITs Ok message exactly when they need it!

I'm also fascinated by public places like washrooms. I find it's one of these intimate spaces where we end up reflecting alone with ourselves.  Back when i was struggling with self acceptance, bathrooms was the place i would go to hide & cry. Often time’s i would find myself feeling unworthy & would not like the person that i’d see in the mirror. Today, i hope to spread positive vibes & empowering messages to those who might be feeling that same way. My soul intention is to remind people that ITs gonna be Ok if we hold on to the positive state of mind!

– Valerie ( Founder of the ITs Ok Project )

ITs Ok to live your dreams
You Are Beautiful And You Don'T Even Know It. Take care ITs Ok
Something tells me we were meant to cross patsh ITs Ok
You Are not Alone ITs Ok
I choose to share my life with a girl
ITs Ok Vibe In Montreal Washroom
May you fin love within_Toronto_2014
Together Lets Shine as Bright as the stars ITs Ok Street Art
ITs Ok Street art reminder
More to come
Laisse entrer la lumière…ITs Ok
La vibe ITs Ok sur la porte de la chaudronnée