The Project

The ITs Ok Project is about sharing and spreading the ITs Ok vibe in this world. It stands for Love, Equality and Self Acceptance. It celebrates Life, Hope, Sharing, Learning. It embraces the Gift of Feeling and Being Human!

The ITs Ok Project started out with a great desire to share and spread the ITs Ok Vibe into this world: messages of love, hope, self acceptance & social reflections. Because I believe the world needs love and enlightenment more than anything else. In 2013, with the financial support of a governmental youth program called 'Jeunes Volontaires' in association with Emploi Quebec, I got to fully commit to building The ITs Ok Project. My main focus was to explore ways to spread the ITs Ok vibe in people's lives through different art forms & interventions. Nine months later, this web site along with other visual supports reflecting the ITs Ok vibe came to life. In fact, the Greeting cards, T-Shirts, Magnets and Pins are now more than ready to be shared and spread out into this world along with a blog for those who want to follow the ITs Ok 'bubbles' on a daily basis.

An online store is also on it's way! Till then I'm looking forward to spread the ITs Ok vibe in different art festivals. Look at the Event page to know where to find the ITs Ok project & vibe.

The Messages

I'm fascinated by this idea that we are responsible for the energy we surround ourselves with and also the energy we spread around us. This is what The ITs Ok Project is really about: taking responsibility for the words and messages we choose to share and leave behind as we journey along our way in life.

It's about focusing on the positive state of mind because it can be so easy to get lost and let the negative energy take over. It's about taking the courage to stand up for our values. Because sometimes it's not ok and we need to speak about it. It's about feeling. It's about learning from our mistakes. It's about being human. It's about making this world a better place in our own way. It's about doing what feels right. It's about going for our dreams no matter what people say. It's about trying to be an example for ourselves and for others. It's about allowing ourselves to be whom we truly are. It's about you. It's about me. It's about us. Because we are all connected in some way or another! We all have our own story and life struggles! But we are not alone! And sometime's we just need a reminder that ITs Ok!


The Story

ITs Ok are two simple words that can be so powerful when used in a positive & constructive way.

The ITs Ok journey all started a few years ago as i was struggling with depression. During that period when I was having a rough time getting through the day I would write ITs Ok on my arm to keep myself focused on a positive state of mind. Along my way to recovery, these two words never left me. Today, I am more than grateful of where life has brought me! And feel the need to spread the ITs Ok vibe around, hoping it might help others as much as it helped me!

Photo & Moment captured By Photographer Yves Harnois:

The Person

Because ITs Ok to be yourself!

Hi my name is Valerie. I'm an artist based in Montreal, Canada. Apart from focusing most of my time on the ITs Ok Project, I love to collaborate with other artists from different backgrounds & on various projects as well.

I find it important to speak about social issues such as mental health and LGBTQ through my art work to let people know they are not alone and to raise awareness.

I also have what I like to call in French '' mes bulles du jour '' that pop up in my head. I'll be sharing some of these colourful bubbles through my blog. Hoping to put a smile on your face or maybe a ray of light in your day!

Take care!