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April 2014

  • ITs Ok Event

Salon du Nouveau Genre

By |April 26th, 2014|

The ITs Ok project will be in Quebec City on June 14th 2014 to spread the ITs Ok Vibe during the Salon du Nouveau Genre at the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church. 480 Saint-Jean Rue, Québec, QC ‎

  • ITs Ok bulle du jour

7:00 am…go back to sleep!

By |April 26th, 2014|

Turning this insomnia into something useful & fun!...ITs Ok!

  • ITs Ok to overcome your fears


By |April 17th, 2014|

Being scared is part of the human experience. When we are being true to ourselves or with others, when we stand up for our values, when we are about to do something for the first time; new job, new city, new school, new relationship for example..it can be pretty frightening! And ITs Ok to be afraid! But we need to find the strength inside so that fear won't stop us from experiencing & achieving great things!-ITs Ok! Take care!

  • ITs OK Project

My 24 ⁄ 7 Job…ITs OK!

By |April 16th, 2014|

The truth about dealing with mental health is that it's a full time job keeping everything balanced. Even when it seems to go well, you got to continue to take care of yourself and make sure to let inner peace flow in your veins. It can be pretty challenging sometimes! Because ITs so easy to get lost or loose balance. But when your surrounded with amazing people who support you & are there for you when the cloud over your head gets a bit thicker... ITs OK! Here's my day to day list of things that help me stay focus and keep my balance: Eat healthy. Sleep. Run. Yoga. Meditation. Créate. Express myself. Work. Surround myself with positive vibe. Read. Listen. Learn. Love. Share. Be grateful....And on it goes to keep it all flowing together! I encourage you to find your own balance and to do what speaks to you! This said, it'S ok to fall and loose balance once in a while...What's important is to get back up and find your balance again! After all, life is a learning experience.. ITs OK! Take care!

  • ITs Ok spray paint

Because ITs Ok!

By |April 14th, 2014|

This is just a reminder in case someone needs it today! Take care

March 2014

  • ITs Ok Art Project

The Colorful Love Crystal

By |March 22nd, 2014|

I woke up early for a saturday morning. I'm running on a deadline with a collaboration for an artshow that will take place this upcoming week. But the adrenaline rush feeds my soul and pushes me out of bed. So i get up. Meditate. Drink tea. And get outside ready to paint. 'winter won't stop me today!' i think to myself as i feel the breeze. It's a nice snowy day not to cold. Just perfect so it won't freeze the spray paint! I set my things on the balcony. I put my music on tuned to the vibe i intend to share and spread. And off i go painting away trying to stay connected to what i want to say. It doesn't take long that my hands are covered in paint. I just love to get all messy! It's hard to explain but there's something about the feeling, the smell, the noise and the drips of spray paint that comforts me everytime! I feel at home and alive each time i work on art projects & collaborations! It just feels good! Every half hour or so i go in and warm my hands. Drink warm tea. The afternoon comes along and i am almost finished! I look at what i got done. Hmm it's a lot more colorful than i had expected! I guess i got carried away inconsiously trying to warm myself up with colors! And now i hope this 'Colorful Love Crystal' will warm the hearts of others. -ITs Ok! * This Crystal was made in collaboration with Artist Michael Asbill. His art show 'Centre-Ville Formations' is a must see event in downtown Sherbrooke starting Thursday March 27th till April 27th at l'Espace Zybaldone. Espace Zybaldone, 113 wellington Sud, Sherbrooke.    

  • MAR 8&9

Salon du Disque et d’Art Underground de Montreal

By |March 18th, 2014|

The ITs Ok Project will be at The Salon du Disque et d'Art Underground of Montreal wich will take place on March 8 & 9 2014 from 11am to 5pm. See you there! ÉGLISE ST-DENIS 5075 Rivard St. Metro Laurier

  • Be your own hero T-shirts


By |March 11th, 2014|

Blue on white unisex T-shirt The message: Be your own hero  

  • ITs Ok to feel in colors


By |March 3rd, 2014|

February 2014

  • ITs Ok to have no gender


By |February 28th, 2014|

Bulle du jour: I always find it interesting when people talk about gender! And i have to say i love to bring people to reflect on the subject because there seems to be a line that is cemented between the two genders. Or a box we absolutly need to fit in. What if someone feel's they belong in the middle? Can't we choose the door we want to go through? Why do we have this tendency to be pink or blue? What if some people feel purple? Or choose between a dress and a tie...Is it ok? I say: Let yourself open the door that feels right for you. Erase the line that is blocking you. Wear a dress with a bow tie if you feel like it. And embrace the purple that surrounds you!...ITs OK!