By |November 7th, 2016|

THROW BACK TO A LOVING MOMENT IN SAN FRANCISCO. During my stay in SF, I found myself doing yoga at the Grace Cathedral. For those who haven't been there before, It's such a beautiful and sacred place! To be honest though, I was a bit septic at first when I heard about this event taking place in a church. Let's just say I have some uncomfortable memories regarding churches & the fact that I am gay. But I went anyways telling myself it was a beautiful opportunity to make space for love in my heart and let go of my old fear beliefs-trauma. Turned out it was an incredible experienced shared with hundreds of people spread out on their mats. It was so beautiful & heartwarming to witness and feel the loving vibrations in the room (church). We were brought to celebrate our true selves and reminded to Love and be kind to one another. And not for a second did I feel like an outsider. WE WERE ONE! Tomorrow evening as the elections go on in the US, hundreds of people will be gathering at the Grace Cathedrale cultivating loving vibrations in the midst of chaos. No matter what happens tomorrow, MAY WE CHOOSE LOVE over fear...ITs gonna be Ok!