By |August 15th, 2016|

The sky was poring, but the rain wasn’t going to stop us to go out & celebrate our pride of being queer. So we put some garbage bags on, as cute looking as can be and went to a bar in the village. Since I don’t drink alcohol, I rarely hang out in bars. But when I do, one of my favourite things to do is to observe people. It can get pretty interesting to watch...! Let’s just say human behaviour fascinates me. As I was slightly moving my feet and hips to the music, my friend Daniel caught me off guard. Out of no where he started to preach the ITs Ok vibe to me. ‘’You know Val, IT’s Ok to make the first step!”, he said in a soft honest tone as he pointed out to the girl who had obviously caught my attention. I laughed, trying to ignore what he just said. For I had no intention to go up to talk to her. And then he added: ‘’ ITs Ok also if ever she’s not interested and rejects you!’’. Oh Wow! Such wisdom words! But Ouch, that hit a nerve. I was not expecting that. At that moment it felt as if God was speaking through him to help me heal some old wounds and to remind me that ITs Ok! ITs Ok to make the first move. ITs Ok to dare greatly and let someone know how you feel. ITs Ok to be vulnerable and to open your heart to someone. And ITs Ok also if ever there’s no connection or if someone doesn’t feel the same way as you do. IT just means, life has better plans and that [...]