Theres this misconception that we have about asking for help when something is not ok or when we simply just need a hand with something. We don’t want to disturb others or we feel ashamed of letting other people know that we don’t quite have all our shit together! So we try to play tough & keep quite. We might even choose to stay in a situation where we are not comfortable rather than to ask for help. Truth is, asking for help brings us in a position of vulnerablity in front of others. Yet that itself is a great act of courage and we should be proud of wanting to solve a problem or to get better.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of when asking for help. As we are human beings. We are not perfect nor are we undistrucable. We have feelings. We also have a body that has it’s own limits wich we need to respect. And we need to take care of ourselves. Sometime’s this means asking for advice or allowing someone else to take care of us. ITs Ok to give. But it’s also Ok to ask & receive the help from others!

Take care


Bien souvent on ose pas demander de l’aide. Peur de déranger. Peur de ce que les autres peuvent penser. Honte de montrer nos faiblesse ou que d’autres sachent que ça ne va pas. Pourtant on devrais être fière lorsque l’on demande de l’aide parce qu’en effet ça demande un certain niveau de courage. Et au lieu de rester dans une situation ou l’on est pas bien, on ose aller chercher de l’aide et des outils pour s’en sortir!

ITs Ok de donner. Mais ITs Ok aussi de demander de l’aide et de recevoir d’autrui!

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