A few years ago, i really wanted to go to a summer festival downtown Montreal but none of my friends were available that night. So i decided to go anyways. At some point i remember looking at the crowd, the couples kissing, the people who were there with friends, and although i was surrounded by thousands of people, i felt really lonely. That empty feeling started to rise in my body & mind. But then my soft voice said: ”Wait a minute. Are you really alone? Look around you. Can’t you see and feel all that love & connection around you? Look at all those beautiful souls you get to share this moment with. You might have come here alone. But you are most defiantly not alone!”. All i had to do was to listened & open my heart to those words and to what was right there in front of me. I needed to switch the negative thinking of what i didn’t have into positive state of mind and appreciate what was already here. As soon as i did that, the energy shifted inside of me and started to be in peace in the present moment. In fact, i couldn’t stop smiling. Something inside told me i was gonna make a beautiful encounter. I started observing the people. Listening. Feeling. Sinking in the present moment. Embracing every seconds of it feeling alive. It was at that moment of embracing it all, that i almost stumbled on the lady’s bag who was standing just behind me. My instinct was right, i did meet someone that will forever change me in some way. What a beautiful soul she was. The connection between us right at that moment was incredible & hard to describe. I felt at home right there. We started talking about life & art. Turns out we had several things in common. She was a teacher & art therapist. A soul traveler. A dreamer. A ‘everything is possible if you put your mind to it’ kind of person. She encouraged me to achieve my wildest dreams & told me that if ever i felt discouraged or lost to give her a call. When the show finished we both had trouble to say goodbye knowing that we would both continue this life’s journey our separate way. I knew what just happened was one of those life’s miracle moment. I left that night with a heart warming feeling, knowing that i was going to be ok. That i would never really be alone. That god had my back. And that i had all the tools i needed in me to achieve my wildest dream. One step at a time. ITs OK!

I never called her or saw her after that. Not that i didn’t ever feel the need to. But i wanted to keep the magic of that night in my heart & memories for ever. And deep down, i knew that her energy was actually still here with me in every given moment. Because we are never really alone. In fact, We are all connected together!

So whenever you find yourself feeling alone, remember that there’s beautiful souls everywhere. Just feel the love & connections that surrounds you! And speak to those that make your heart beat in a positive way! Because ITs OK!

Take care