I just read a blog on TWLOHA & it triggered some words that came flowing out of my fingers. Ok so i'm very passionate about tattoos. It's the type of subject you don't want to bring up if you only got a few minutes on your watch.

Probably the main reason this blog spoke to me is because i realize that i'd probably wouldn't be here today if both of my tattoos never had seen the day. Many of you might already know the story behind the ITs Ok project. Here it is for those who are new here. The it's ok vibe started out by being words i'd scribble on my arm daily & repetitively to remind myself that it was ok. It's gonna be Ok. I was so lost in despair & heart broken i needed something to help me focus on the positive state of mind. At one point i got it tattooed so i would never forget that ITs Ok. It's when i got it permenantly inked that something amazing happened & i learnt one of my greatest lesson's. I was not just a harmful person. I was also able to do good & inspire others by simply being me. In fact, the AHAH moment was understanding that I was actually responsible of the energy i surround myself with & that i choose to spread around. And that's how ITs Ok project came to see the day. With a simple word graphically written on my arm & an intention to help others by spreading the ITs Ok vibe in their lives.

But my full arm also has it's own story. It was one of the things that helped me get back on track & find peace with myself. It pushed me to find a job. Because i had to pay for it, right. The desire for that art piece on my arm was so grand that i was ready to work hard. It also taught me to learn to take care of myself. Yes, take care of my skin after tattoo sessions, but also choosing a healthier life style. Not to forget all that sunscreen i put on every summer to protect my tattoo & make sure ITs Ok. All in all, getting my full arm done was like therapy. Not the usual kind of therapy. Something more personal & intimate. Something i needed to do for me. A way for me to connect with my body. With art. with myself & my values. To make peace with it all. Gradually, one session at a time. Every time i was sitting on that chair, It reminded me how grateful i was to be STILL ALIVE. How amazing life was. It was also a way of inking positive vibes on my skin. But also a reminder of my journey from darkness to light. Through art. Through self acceptance. Through trust. I grew. It was a meaningful art collaboration. A life lesson. An a art lesson to. It was a story. My story. A story i got to share with two other people & see it transform along it's way. ITs more than an art story. It's also a recovery one for me! Its a love story too. A love story with my body, life & I.

May you TAKE CARE of yourself & your body. And find your own way through recovery…ITs OK!