Someone wrote on facebook the other day '' I just recieved the most important paper of my life. I have suceeded!'' . This triggered some reflections: Yes papers & scholarships & diplomas are great! I invite everyone to feed their souls, to learn new skills everyday & to achieve their wildest dreams. But I find there's a fine line that can easly lead us to a dead end. The idea of striving for a paper can be a dangerous thing if we put all our happiness eggs in the same basket. Success is an abstract concept. Because society tends to want to define us, our accomplishments and our success with papers, boxes, & chekmarks. Or tell us that we got to go to university or college to have a successfull life. In fact, the greatest thing i learnd in university is that I didn't need that paper to succeed in my own life.

All along the way the true meaning of life tends to be forgotten. I think in the end what's really important is to take the path that we choose to live. To put an approval stamp on ourselves as a reminder that we don't need other's approval to be in peace with who we are & to be fulfilled. All the other knowledge & stamps we get along this journey is just a cherry on top of our aliveness ice cream sunday!

These words came to me as i was thinking to myself that the most important paper i have is probably my birth certificate… 
THE MOST IMPORTANT PAPER I HAVE IS THE ONE THAT SAYS 'HI YOU ARE ALIVE!'. Then again we don't really need a paper to remind us that we are alive when we feel it in all our body & mind. But being alive is a great reason to celebrate every day…ITs Ok!

Take care