Life lesson: Truth is we all have our own little self esteem issue in some area of our life & we are actually the one's blocking ourselves to move forward.

I had an interesting experience today. My first & probably not my last with the organization called l'Accorderie. L'Accorderie, for those who might not have heard about it, is an organization based in different cities in Quebec in wich people offer their time & skills in exchange of someone else's. It's based on human exchange. And the value of our work is based on time rather than money. Wich is a way of life that really does speaks to me!

So this afternoon I went to meet a person i didn't know in a coffee shop to help her out with her spoken english. I really didn't know what to expect nor what i was getting myself into. But i jumped in. I arrived there with the intention to give her some of my time but without really knowing to what point i could really help her out. And It turned out to be one of those simple but beautiful human moments were two strangers meet. Both being vulnerable to one another. She was nervous & shy to speak because her english wasn't as fluent as her french. That's what she thought. And i was afraid i wasn't gonna be able to be that great of a helper because vocabulary isn't my strength. So that's what i think. Her english was actually great! It's just her confidence that was blocking her. Yes, she did have an accent but does it really matter? She went in the ring anyways! She sat in front of me braving her fear & daring to speak a language she was not the most comfortable with. How awesome is that?! She has every reason to be proud & to not be ashamed next time she needs to speak english publicaly.

I ended up being more of a coach & a friend because in reality she probably has more vocabulary down her sleeve than me. But it was a great experience to see two human beings coming together. Actually having a conversation. Both fully present. At least that's what it did feel like. Non judgemental. And should i say, we made such a great team completing one another.

Now i have a vegan cooking classes booked next week IN ENGLISH by her's truly. Life you are beautiful when we come together to help one another humanly & openly. May we take down our own barriers & shine our light along our way! ITs OK!

Thank you & Take care

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