A few months ago as i was watching my coworkers trying to figure out how to do the exercises we were giving, these words came to mind: '' You are beautiful and you don't even know it''.  Because I could feel the fear, the shiness and the low self esteem vibe that resided in the room at that moment. But above all, what struck me the most is the strenght, the courage, the will & determination, the love & generosity that was shining beyound them and they didn't seem to see it. Some were adults wanting to go back to school to give a better futur for themselves. Some were new immigrants in this country wanting a better life for their kids. Others were told they were never good enough but here they were taking charge of their lives. It was just beautiful to see everyone being holy present caring for one another and helping eachother out. I felt blessed to be in that room with such amazing people. And i wondered if they knew how beautiful they really were?

I feel overwhelmed by the beauty of the human beings that surround me wether it's at work, my family, friends, my fellow artists, new encounters, the people life puts along my way for the time being, strangers in the bus or at the grocery store…and on it goes. But I also feel that many don't seem to see the beauty & the strenght that resides in them.

So here is to you who seems to doubt about yourself. To you who is scared to show your true self or to live the life you want to live. To you who feels ashamed of your own beliefs or values. To you who is afraid to be different. To you who secretly sings, draws, write's when no one is looking or listening but who is starving to be heard. Know that you are a beautiful soul. Be your own truth. Treat yourself with love and respect. And allow yourself to shine! I hope one day you'll be able to see the beauty that you are! ITs Ok!

Take care!