Today's ITs Ok Moment & bulle du jour is about saying thank you and really mean it. To feel the gratefulness in your heart as it slips out of your mouth.

Context: ITs been a little bit over a week since i started my special training in a print shop. And now the fun is starting! It's rewarding to see final results of something you have worked on. It feels in some way like helping someonelse to bring their project to life. Today as i received a new task to do from my superior, she made a remark '' It's funny how you thank me every time i give you more work to do''. It caught my attention and brought me to be more conscious of the reasons i am grateful. When i say these two words, it's really a short way to say thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn and develop my technical skills. Thank you for giving me more work, it's a sign that you trust me and believe i can do the job. Thank you for giving me opportunities to develop self confidence and to outpast myself. Thank you for giving me this safe place where i am allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. Like Timothy from The Odd Life of Timothy Green says: '' I can ownly get better ''. Thank you for your patience & kindness & for being a teacher.

My life lesson today was: To be grateful of the present moment & to be able to see life learning experiences in the simple daily situations..ITs OK!