The truth about dealing with mental health is that it’s a full time job keeping everything balanced. Even when it seems to go well, you got to continue to take care of yourself and make sure to let inner peace flow in your veins. It can be pretty challenging sometimes! Because ITs so easy to get lost or loose balance. But when your surrounded with amazing people who support you & are there for you when the cloud over your head gets a bit thicker… ITs OK!

Here’s my day to day list of things that help me stay focus and keep my balance:
Eat healthy. Sleep. Run. Yoga. Meditation. Créate. Express myself. Work. Surround myself with positive vibe. Read. Listen. Learn. Love. Share. Be grateful….And on it goes to keep it all flowing together!

I encourage you to find your own balance and to do what speaks to you!

This said, it’S ok to fall and loose balance once in a while…What’s important is to get back up and find your balance again! After all, life is a learning experience.. ITs OK!

Take care!